Blue Shadow

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In a land of magic, there is a castle on the top of the mountain. There lives a family with a new born child. The brother of the new born is watching the baby, and the mother tells her husband give each child a ring. The brother asks mother what is the meaning of that ring. The mother smiles to the boy and says it is family tradition to pass on the ring to their children. In that moment, a dark witch comes in to the castle. Everyone is being spelled by the dark power. The dark witch comes in and kills the man and the woman with a strong fight. The parents known the dark witch will come, so they send both the boy and the baby sister to the real world from being killed.

Once the boy and the baby sister to the reality world, the brother left the sister in a secret alleyway.

He went back to the magic land to see the parents. When he saw the parents were dead, he was shocked. With a sorrowful feeling, he went to the real world to pick his sister up. But all it left there was a white blanket that belong to the baby sister.

In the 1960's, when the Soviet Union had a missile base in Cuba, all the people get their attention was on the missile that would blow the world apart. Once it happens, no person would live in this world. The entire living thing would wipe out.

In a little house there is a father who drank and a girl standing next to him. On the girl's right hand there was a blue ring; many times the ring's is color just like the skin, only a short time it will appear blue. It was...