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Page123 This is a quote from Pauline Breedlove,

"The onlyiest time I be happy seem like was when I was in the picture show. Every time I got, I went. I'd go early, before the show started. They'd cut off the lights, and everything be black. Then the screen would light up, and I 'd move right on in them pictures. White men taking such good care of whey women, and they all dressed up in big clean house with the bathtubs right in the same room with the toilet. Them pictures gave me a lot of pleasure, but it made coming home hard, and looking at Cholly hard. I don't know. I' member one time I went to see Clark Gable and Jean Harlow. I fixed my hair up like I'd seen hers on a magazine. A part on the side, with one little curl on my forehead."

Instead of narrated by the omniscient teller like most of other characters, the section of Pecola's mother, Pauline Breedlove, was a unique section alternated with character's monologues of their own experience.

This quote is a monologue said by Pauline about her crazy obsession with movies. After moving up north with her husband Cholly, Pauline has continued her lonely and dull life as she had before. Other women poked fun at her for her childish behaviors, while Cholly and her started frequently fight for money. Watching movies became her only entertainment and way of escaping the cruel reality as she said the word "only" when she described her love for movies. From movies, Pauline started knowing another extremely "fancy" world, which was totally different with hers. There were men who act gently to their women and big, tidy house with all the pretty stuffs. It made a huge contrast between...