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Executive SummaryMedia Major AssignmentFor our major assignment we are going to investigate the car line by BMW. These cars are aimed more at an upper middle class market as they are often expensive cars, designed with the latest technology and with luxury features.

We have to Research about their:•Competitors - Who BMW are competing against.

•Market Share - How much of the car market that belongs to BMW•Advertising Techniques - How BMW advertise their products eg. Magazine,Billboards.

•Media Strategy - Which forms of media BMW use to advertise their product?•Product Characteristics - What it is that BMW offer within their car lines?BMW are based worldwide and are internationally recognised. We can Research the cars by using data on the internet as much of the information would be freely available as the company is such a large/recognised/influential company.

As the car industry is large and holds a large variety of brands, models features and designs, BMW find themselves constantly in completion.

As BMW have targeting more of an upper class market, they must constantly strive to create a high quality luxury car therefore they compete against such car makers as:•Audi•Alfa RomeoIntroBMW is one of the pre-eminent luxury car manufacturers in Europe, North America, and the world today. BMW produces several lines of cars, including the 3 series, the 5 series, the 7 series, the Z line (driven by Pierce Brosnan as James Bond in Goldeneye), and the new X line, BMW's "sport activity" vehicle line. In addition, BMW is now selling Rovers; a British car line anchored by the internationally popular Land Rover sport utility vehicle, and will begin selling Rolls Royce vehicles in 2003. Sales of all the BMW, Rover, and Land Rover vehicles have been on the rise globally. High-profile image campaigns (such as the James Bond promotion) and...