The BNP, Worry For The Future

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As the BNP start to make gains in Burnley and Blackburn should we start to think about what they really stand for. Here are their stances on basic issues:

Immigration- Time to say no

Europe- Back to British independence

Economy - British workers first

Foreign aid - Time to spend money on ourselves

Pensions - Pensioners before Asylum seeker

Foreign affairs - Britain's interests first

There view on immigration is a very radical one, they believe that we should stop all refugees from entering the country. This means that people running from cruel dictators will be sent back to an almost certain death, is that really what you want? This policy could also damage the economy; we would be turning away very talented individuals who have a lot to offer this country. They also say that the native British people will soon become the ethnic minority, that's a very big exaggeration and anyway, would that be such a bad thing, surely it would let more cultures mix.

Overall this policy surely just incites racism.

Now you may say what's wrong with that, well those views may seem very good but if they were all implemented the consequences could be fatal for the economy. If we stopped working with the other European countries and left the EU then our trade would almost come to a halt with countries like France. Our trade is already damaged by not joining the Euro so think of what would happen if you had to have a Visa to travel there.

When they say that they were going to put British workers first again that sounded sensible but does that mean that we're going to abandon trade with 3rd world countries which would be very costly to the 3rd world countries economies and that could cause...