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I have a deep appreciation for boating that began at a very young age. I had the privilege of growing up on the water so it is only natural. There are three major categories of boats: motor boats, paddle boats and my personal favorite, sail boats. Like music, my mood determines my means.

Motor boats are like rock' n roll, fast and loud. When I am skimming over the surface of the water at dangerous speeds with the wind in my face I don't have to think about a thing, except the water, that is. Last summer on the fourth of July my boyfriend and I and another couple spent the whole day out on the water cruising around and water skiing. When night fell we stayed close to shore and watched the fireworks out over the lake. By the end of the night we were sun kissed and exhausted.

What a great way to spend the day.

Another great way to spend a day is in a raft, tackling the mighty Penobscot, paddling the rapids fast and furious currents and cresting whitewater. Whitewater rafting is as invigorating as a symphony. The first time I went whitewater rafting I was thirteen years old. My fathers company sponsored a family weekend in The Forks. We got there early on a Saturday morning. There was still fog lingering in the valleys and I was half asleep but I came around when I saw the river.