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The effectiveness of leaders depend on how appropriate leadership style is to the situation in which they operate. Given that the effectiveness of a leader depends on the situation, it naturally follows that certain leadership behaviors will be effective of ineffective in certain situations. BOB's International Entertainment Conglomerate, although for the most part a financially successful organization, is an organization that is ran by ineffective leaders.

This case study will attempt to derive a solution to the many problems cited in the case. Although there are numerous problems, many of these if not all can be resolved through the implementation of several key concepts to be explained in greater detail.

All organizations are occasionally confronted with problems that need to be solved. Unlike a decision-making process which centers its energy on selecting the best alternative from several choices, the intention of the problem-solving process is to find the root cause of a problem, or in the case of BOB's , the problems.

This distinction is crucial, as we tend to lump decision making and problem-solving together, and treat them much the same way, when in fact they are distinct processes.

In an attempt to solve the problems, it is vital that we restate many of the problems that BOB's has had to endure and is currently confronted with. BOB's is an International Entertainment Conglomerate consisting of, bars, opera houses, and ballet houses. My role in this organization is that of Regional Vice President of Operations. Under me, I have three operation managers. Each are in charge with overseeing either the bars, ballets, or operas within my region. Each operations manager has reporting to them, district managers who then in turn, have facility mangers underneath them. The facility managers are supported by their own respective staff members.

The current situation has...