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When you think of poetry, you normally think of traditional poets like William Shakespeare or Dr. Suess. Poetry is a form of writing that allows people to express themselves and their feelings in a shorter fashion than a short story. So with this in mind, we must consider musicians and music writers to be some of the greatest poets in existence. Musicians write poems that typically reflect their feelings or experiences and make them sound pleasing to our ears. Bob Dylan and Bruce Springsteen are arguably two of the best songwriters/poets and should be recognized. "My Hometown" by Bruce Springsteen and "With God on Our Side" by Bob Dylan are two poems that illustrate different methods of writing but at the same time have strong feelings and emotion packed into them.

"My Hometown" by Bruce Springsteen is a song that starts off in the late 1950's. It begins with an eight year-old boy who is going to the bus stop to buy a newspaper for his dad.

His dad picks him up and puts him on his lap in his car and says to "take a good look around, this is your hometown." Springsteen is trying to show how he was brought up and how peaceful and violence free his hometown was.

"With God on Our Side" by Bob Dylan is a song that starts of speaking of the past rather than narrating his life. Dylan had very strong opinions about the Vietnam War and they way that our country was going during this time. He says that "my name is nothin', my age it means less", which shows that he is speaking as an everyday citizen who is effected by the decisions our country makes. He doesn't think it is important what class you come from or what part...