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12 May 2014

Dear Mr. Harris,

I am writing to you to argue against your article headed "Save our Children from the Horrors of School Sport". This article appeared in The Independent on Wednesday.

My first point is that your use of words for the title is completely inappropriate as when you say "save" and "horrors" which is saying that the children are is some kind of danger and are in need of saving and that they are horrified by the thoughts of sport. Which I find completely wrong I can say that it is not horrifying. As I am a student at a sport ordinated school.

My second point is that how good it is to do sport. Sure there might be some "humiliating" times and "misery" involved but that is all part of life. Sport keeps you fit and healthy, while a 'thrice daily smoke behind the biology block' does not which is probably the cause of your misery in sport.

As well as this Sport is an endorphin-reliving subject, which makes you happy and is also a proven way of fighting pain and stress. Sport also teaches children Social Skills and can teach important life lessons E.g. you need to carry on when it gets tough to make it better at the end. This leads me onto that you can take part of competitions ranging from school sports days to the Olympics, this already making you happy because you have been chosen. But my point is that you can win things which makes you even happier because it proves that you are good at this, but even if you don't win you will be happy because you took part and tried you're hardest. But you say it is a "public embarrassment" and a "humiliating" Subject

My third...