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How many people do you know that are important enough to have a national holiday commemorating their birth? Lets see there's Presidents Day, Christmas...not many huh? Well, one man who is important enough is Bob Marley. How did he do this? Well let me tell you.

Bob was born on February 6, 1945 in a small town called Rhoden Hall. His Mother was an eighteen-year old black woman named Cedella Booker. His father on the other hand was a fifty-year old white quartermaster who went by Captain Norval Marley. Growing up Bob lived with his mother and rarely saw his father. Later in his youth, Bob dropped out of school to pursue hi true ambition, music.

After dropping out of school Bob Auditioned for a local music entrepreneur called Leslie Kong. Leslie was so impressed with Marley's singing voice that he took him in to the studio to begin recording immediately.

Bob linked up with Bunny, a lifetime friend, and Peter to form the Wailing Wailers. The group was introduced to Croxsone Dodd. During 1963 the group released it's first single on Croxsone's label called 'Simmer Down'. Only months later it was number one on Jamaican charts. By 1967 Bob's music reflected spiritual and social issues. The group's new style of music conflicted with Coxsone Dodd so they formed their own record label and named it Wail 'N' Soul. The label failed in 1967.

Before The Wailers signed with Blackwell Island, Reggae was considered to be sold in cheap compilation albums. The first album with Island records was beautifully packaged and heavily promoted. Dissatisfied with life on the road, Bunny refused to play the American tour. He was replaced by Joe Higgs. After the American tour the Wailers supported Sly and the Family Stone. They were taken off the list...