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Can you imagine when there are hundreds of thousands of people screaming for you on stage. The Prime Minister and opposing leader holding hands together by Bob Marley and saying "We're gonna unite... we are gonna unite, and we've got to unite. Many of us couldn't imagine what is this be like. but it was just the what happened to Bob Marley at the One Love Peace Concert in Kingston Jamaica. Today I am going to share with you the story of Bob Marley. I started to listen to Bob Marley a few years ago, and immediately I fell in love with it started to collected his work. When I started to listen more I found a deeper meaning of life, and believing in equality and love. He had a really big impact on my life. Today I will first look at Bob Marley's life, his transformation, his accomplishment as a musician, and even as spokesman of a race and culture.

We first look at Bob Marley's childhood and his background. Robert Nesta Marley was born at February 6, 1945, at Nine Miles, Jamaica. He was the son of Norval Sinclair Marley, a middle aged white man who was a captain in the British Army, and the teenage black mother Cedella Booker. His father's family, however, applied constant pressure about the marriage and, although he provided financial support, the his father rarely saw his son who grew up in the rural surroundings of St. Ann to the north of the island.

Bob Marley left home at 14 to pursue a music career in Kingston, For country people in Jamaica, the capital Kingston was the city of their dreams, the land of opportunity. But in reality that Kingston had only a little work to offer. So for the newcomers, most of...