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The developed theme throughout the novel 'Boys of Blood and Bone' is based on the theme of relationship. The author shows relationships between the main character, Henry as well as both his ex-girlfriend Marcelle and present girlfriend Janine. This essay will focus on the theme of relationships and how the following have been used to influence the relationships formed and lost. The following that have influenced Henry's relationships formed (Janine) and lost (Marcelle) include 1) decision making 2) the consequences of certain actions followed by 3) loss. These topics have been heavily involved in the relationships between Henry and his companions throughout the novel.

The definition of relationship according to oxford dictionaries reads "the way in which two or more people or things are connected, or the state of being connected." The relationship between Marcelle and Henry develops decision making and the consequences, as the relationship between Marcelle and Henry is described as stressful and difficult rather than the definition of being connected.

Although doing nothing wrong Henry took full responsibility for his and Marcelle's decision to break up. This can be seen in the quote that expresses Henry's emotions "Everything, it felt like, had changed. The day felt different, the whole town felt different, he felt different - as if he'd discovered himself to be someone not very pleasant". The consequence of this decision for Henry includes that he has to continue living his life without Marcelle. This consequence dawns on Henry making him feel guilty and sad and this can be seen through the quote "She was gone, and she was gone because he had not treated her very well - although he doubted anyone else would've noticed, expect Marcelle and himself." Both Marcelle and Henry learn from their decisions as later on they realise...