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Canada's System of Government

Evan Aikens-Armbruster

"While it's true-I had a blast using the Civic Mirror, and as much as it taught me about how Parliament passes laws and the political process, it has some serious omissions: there is no Governor General, there is only one level of government, and there is no Senate." The first main omission is that there is no Governor General in the game. The Governor General gives royal assent to bills passed in the Canadian House of Commons. He appoints ministers and superior court judges The Governor General is significant because he ensures that Canada always has a Prime Minister. If the Prime Minister resigns, dies, or is dismissed the Governor General must immediately appoint a replacement. I think this role is important and never should have been excluded because the chosen Governor General will make fair decisions about what is best for the Civic Mirror Country.

For example, he will choose a fair Judge that will not be biased towards anyone in the court. The next main omission is the Senate. The Senate carefully examines bills to make sure that they are worded correctly and the best they can be. He discusses and debates important issues in the senate chamber. The senate is significant because he represents Canada around the world. He helps people solve problems dealing with the government and is responsible for protecting the rights and interests of Canadians in all regions. I agree with the game creators for excluding it because I think the citizens in the game take replace the role of the Senate. For example, the citizens give suggestions and comments about the bills and if they agree with the wording. So, I don't believe that a Senate would make the game better or more efficient. The...