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Bobby Rhodes 1-10-02 7th period The requirements of today's secretary are changing. The ability to use a computer or a word processor is a major skill now required for office support personnel by a sizeable number of firms. This tend is expected to continue with an even greater emphasis on computer usage in the future. This will make it more critical than ever for those pursuing a position in this field to have excellent keyboarding skill to make the best use of the costly equipment. A student deciding on a career in this field will also find that the role assumed by many office supports staff members is that of an assistant to a person at the management level. More and more of today's office jobs titles reflect this trend. Job titles such as administrative assistant or executive assistant are quite common now. A college degree for jobs such as these, however, may be required often.

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1. The sears tower is one of Chicago's tourist attractions.

2. We will visit Mount Rushmore on New Year's Day.

3. The meeting with President Seitzer will be in Los Angeles.

4. Jefferson City, the capital, is located on the Missouri River.

5. Reese Morton was appointed manager for the Parker playhouse.

6. Weber State University was founded in 1889 in Ogden, Utah.

7. Dr. Jill S. Clayton received her Ph.D. from New Mexico State.

8. Their new home is located on Fillmore, Near Kennedy Towers.

9. The next holiday will be Labor Day on Monday, September 5.

10. Gettysburg and Fredricksburg were both civil war battles.

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