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Bob Mathre Period 6 Personal Statement I walk in the doors and find myself surrounded by my future. LED displays on a mixer blink as the sound changes in volume. I take a step back and look at this marvel in awe; millions of dollars of equipment cover the walls of this sound studio: ProTools rigs, tube pre-amps, vacuum tube microphones and a endless supply of rack-mountable effects. Memories of my first recordings in my bedroom fill my brain as well as the recordings from the day before. Recording music has always been in my heart(attraction).

When I first stepped in the doors of Ex'pression Center for New Media, my future career became very apparent for me. It all started when I first picked up a guitar, I wanted to remember certain parts to a song so I recorded them on a cassette tape with an old recorder I picked up at the flee market.

Soon I started adding more instruments to the later recordings. Keyboard layering worked really well for what I was doing, since I was the only person present at these home sessions. After a year or so, I brought in the computer and used the new technology; the songs started to have a professional edge to them.

Passion always goes into my work; if my heart is not in it, then I probably did not do a adequate job. This goes for the artist being recorded as well. At one of the sessions, the singer did not have his passion in his singing at that moment, due to that we had no good vocal tracks; even today that record sits unfinished.

Everything I know to this day was all learned from my own experiences. Many of times I ran a live sound board for a number of college bands and have gotten reports on most of them. I am in love with all the little techniques that can be picked up by experimenting; just by changing the angle of a microphone in front of a guitar amp can create a totally different kind of sound.

I am looking forward to make a career out of my dream. I have often visited Ex'pression Center for New Media and developed a sense environment that I will be experiencing when I go out to the real world. Seeing all of the technology there made me make a final decision on attending that school and attempting to become an engineer/producer in the recording industry. My goal is to work with a well-known recording company such as Sony, Columbia etc. I have to overcome my fears of supporting my dream and just go with the college flow and be successful.