Body Art

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Body Art

Tattoos are very popular in this day and age. They have aways been popular, but now it seems like everybody has a tattoo or wants to get one. People can run into all kinds of problems by getting a tattoo. If they are not careful, they could get diseases which could be fatal. Despite all the negative effects of tatttoos, people still get them.

People get tattoos for several reasons like looking cool, gang-related, sorority and fraternity's, tribal reasons, or just getting something to symbolize love or hatred torward something. I got a tattoo because my mom kept telling me I could not get one; so I did it anyway. Which was a bad choice because I went to an unexperienced place, and my tattoo got infected. I also had to go get it done over because it looked unprofessional, but now it looks good. I just wish I would have waited and went to a better place to save all the hassle.

When a person decides that they are going to get a tattoo; where will they go?

They usually have several options. A person can have someone off the street tattoo them because its cheap, or they can go to someone professional and have them do it right! People often make the wrong choices when getting a tattoo. It's usually easier, cheaper, and more convient for them to just have someone off the street, across town, or in their gang do it rather than driving to a place that is professional in another state; because tattooing is only legal in a few states. If people take the chance with these bad choices they are at high risk for disease, infection, or a bad tattoo. Then they will regret getting a tattoo later on in life. "I...