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Body Body Double Summary In "Body Body Double: Cloning Infants A Distant Fantasy" by Alexander Capron, the author examines the idea of human cloning. Richard Seed, a Chicago physicist, reported that he was establishing the Human Clone Clinic that will use the same method that Scotland's Roslin Institute used to clone a sheep. The cloning of Dolly the sheep caused an uproar of concerns among scientists and politicians alike. Cloning human embryos would be considered uncivilized and odious. These concerns also caused President Clinton to ban the use of federal money for cloning because of grave moral questions. The belief that a genetic clone would produce an exact duplicate of his or her predecessor would just leave society disappointed. The author clearly points out that the process of cloning a human is much too risky of a procedure as compared to cloning an animal. Another big concern of cloning humans is the possible psychological and moral harm that could take place with children.

The author states some of the positive sides to cloning, including replacing a child that died young and providing copies of life saving organs. He also includes that cloning would allow couples to have a child that is genetically connected to at least one of them. In conclusion, the author clearly addresses his view that human cloning is a far-fetched fantasy. He warns that a system of regulation that is ethical and enforceable would probably be necessary if human cloning was aloud. Although the President has urged Congress to enact a federal ban on human cloning experiments, deliberation should go forward to develop a public consensus, on this controversial subject.

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