Body, Gender, and Sexuality

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When I first came to college, I noticed many differences between college and high school. The one difference that became the most obvious to me was the dating scene. During my high school years I had a very different understanding of dating. My definition for dating used to be a very narrow one. However, after experiencing my first semester at college my definition of that word has changed greatly. Therefore, the way that I understand the concept of dating has also changed. This report will talk about the ways in which my perspective on dating has changed and also on the differences between high school dating and college dating.

High School Dating vs. College DatingThroughout my high school years, when I heard the word dating I pictured a couple consisting of a guy and a girl who were known to others as boyfriend and girlfriend. That image pretty much sums up the way I thought about dating.

I believed that dating was a very exclusive type of relationship shared between two people who were labeled as “boyfriend and girlfriend.” The way that two people earned that title was very easy. The guy simply asked the girl out and if the girl said yes, they were automatically boyfriend and girlfriend. That simple phrase “do you want to go out with me” instantly tied those two people together until one of them decided to utter the even simpler phrase “it’s over.” That is how dating, for the most part, worked in my high school.

Typically throughout the high school years, a person has a much more shallow dating pool of people whom they’ve known for many years. This not only decreases the amount of potential suitors, but also turns dating from a private matter to a public one. I can’t say...