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There are many parts of the body can be used for identification. Do you believe that any of these are an infringement on privacy? Discuss your thoughts and findings.

Using the human body for identification may be convenient but it may also be a breach of privacy. We should respect each others privacy, if someone does not wish to use their body parts for identification then people should respect that decision. When needing to use body parts as a means of identification when there is a crime involved, that is another story.

Do you think that the government has the right to implant identification chips in us when we are born? I do not like that idea, in fact, that idea scares me sometimes, “Turning the human body into the ultimate identification card is extremely dangerous”. (Biometric) Personally, I would rather rely on a person’s memory to carry identification on him/her than to simply implant that identification into them.

Discuss the importance of a certified network engineer. Will this person be replaced with individuals that do not have a certificate but have much experience or a college degree?A day in the life of a network engineer is a very complicated job, “A network engineer handles all of the ‘plumbing’ for a company’s computers, connecting offices with T1 lines, hooking them up to the Internet, and configuring all internal systems such as net routers and firewalls. The position usually spills over into some Unix systems administration work, but ‘basically, it’s a plumbing job,’ says one engineer. Configuring a start-up Web company is a pretty easy network design job; most of these companies have a small staff and only one location. But if you work for Citibank, for example, the network is incredibly complicated with tiers and tiers of network engineers. If you’re willing to wear a suit and tie every day, go to work for a bank where you’ll make twice as much as anywhere else.” (The Princeton Review) Having a certification to be a network engineer is a specific award given to someone who strives hard to earn one but people with experience and a college degree are ‘one and a million’.

When it comes to a network engineer job, it depends on the certificate and the job. Different systems need different experience and/or certificates. Certificates are a great thing to have these days, “Primarily the one given a certification benefits more. Being certified means one can properly function on a certain job. This means, companies will easily hire a person with certification especially when certifications come from a reliable learning institution. In some ways, the company to which a certified person intends to apply for work will also benefit since the performance of the applying employee is being supported with a certification.. If you are an expert, a certification is proof. If you are not yet an expert, the path you must take to become certified will provide you with the tools to become one.” (Computers...) A certification is important in this day in age, but does that mean that someone with a degree will not get the same treatment as someone with a certification?SourcesBiometric: Retrieved from on Sunday June 14, 2009.

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