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Body image and the media The issue of body image is becoming more and more prominent in todays society. Over the last 5 years there as been strong media coverage and publicity over this matter of eating disorders, but it is possible that in fact the media itself has created the problem.

We are constantly bombarded with images of stick thin people in newspapers and magazines every where we look in todays society is showing some kind of "ideal" way our body should look. Young people particularly females are vulnerable to such images. They do not realise that most of the photographs they see of this ideal shape have been altered in some way to make the people unrealistically perfect. Therefore there has been a significant increase in the number of young people suffering from eating disorders. Todays youth are under pressure from the age of 5 to achieve the best.

Many parents especially those who send there children to a fee paying school have high expectations. The older the child gets the higher the pressure to get good grades, fit in with other children and generally be perfect. Our youth today are under constant assessment. The majority of girls who develop an eating disorder would be classified as perfectionists, high achievers, the straight A students who are always willing to please. They use food as a coping mechanism, To them a eating disorder is a way out of the rat race without losing face. For others it is a rebellion against those who are applying the pressure it is the only way they can express their anxiety. For others its just another way to be perfect. These girls have such unrealistic views of the correct body shape that they truly believe that to be skeleton thin is to be...