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Body ImageToday's youth is more body-conscious than ever, and looking for ways to be perfect. All adolescents want is to fit in somewhere, but it seems like the standards for doing so are getting dangerously high with time. We have to talk a certain way, or act a certain way, and more importantly, look a certain way. The body image that each teenager has about him or herself is undeniably unique, but the common factor is that almost no one is completely satisfied. There is always something that could be changed, and there is always this underlying potential that we apparently have to look better if only we would change. Across the board, body image is a very touchy subject that can quickly cause the strongest teenager to become vulnerable. There are all kinds of research and work being done in relation to body image, whether it is to educate people about body image or to sell kids products to help improve body image.

Scholarly articles that cover the issue of body image and magazine articles focusing on the same are very different, despite the shared topic. In Jones' body image article, the content is centered on a longitudinal study of how certain factors (social, psychological, and biological) influenced body image among adolescent boys and girls. A study was conducted with 165 girls and 139 boys and results were produced in the article. In Lucia's article, the content is centered on improving the body in a healthy manner: exercising. She gives tips about how to get a "sexy bod" and about how to "tone up twice as fast." The articles seem to be quite different based on summaries of content alone, but they are similar as well. Neither one is at all an unhealthy source for finding out information about...