Body image in modern times and the body image in my school.

Essay by gunshinJunior High, 9th gradeB, April 2003

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1. Where do we get our ideas about body image?

2. Are boys and girls equally concerned about body image? If not, why?

3. What do you think the body image is at ICS? Describe it for boys and girls

Our ideas about body image mostly come from television for example movies, TV. Series etc. I think the picture of beauty in our time is not that beautiful, girls try to stay skinny and need to have the right figure even though not all guys like skinny girls and guys would like, but don't necessarily need a six pack or big bicep's because not all girls like big muscular guys. We should just be ourselves and not be so dependent on other people's looks, styles and opinions. I think the media has changed the people's way of thinking over the years, being skinny or having a lot of muscles wasn't always an important thing, for example in ancient Asia fat men are considered good looking and girls that are skinny aren't considered pretty.

I also think some pop stars wear way too much make up and other girls try to mimic their "make up styles".

All these things aren't necessary and I think we should try to change the way people look at their bodies and bodies of others.

I think there are more girls worried about their looks than boys.

I think its because they see other girls like pop stars, a girl in their grade or on the street and think: "Oh, I wish I had a butt like that." or "Oh, look how nice her legs are." The problem is that guys look at a girls butt and at their legs and girls know this, so they are paranoid of not being pretty enough...