Body issues in mass and media

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Today Mass and Media affects most of us than it ever did before. It doesnt only effect the children, but it also leaves a great impression on the adults. Today the mass and media has been a great source of learning as to whats in style and fashion, how to decorate our homes, what detergent to use for the dishes, what to feed the children, what car to buy and what not. Personally i get very toned into buying the things that i watch on the commercials for example the other day i just bought Crest whitening strips for almost a hundred dollas just because i saw it on the television. Today we have thousands of women magazines out, which are read by all ages of women. These magazines provide us with lots of information. It provides as information from picking a guy to having an amazing sexual life, from breaking up with a guy and flirting.

In all these magazines there's one thing that's very common, which is thin, blonde, beautiful, sexy women. All these magazines have a typical image of what a women should look like. In my essay I will be focusing on two of the magazines, one being my favorite Cosmopolitan and the other Glow. In this essay i will show how the body and image of women have been portrayed in these magazines and how sex, race and class are interconnected in these magazines.

I will first start by talking about the body image of the women in these two or lets say in all magazine. All women in these magazines have an ideal look which is tall, skinny, slimming and sexy. None of these women are over weight or even the weight that they should be. It is very normal for a women to...