"Body Language"

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Tall, skinny, and blonde; she stands, her knees relaxed, arms swung gleefully above her head which is flung back with delight, accenting the humungous white smile stretched across her perfect featured face. She's an image of perfection: Gorgeous, fit, and all the while she still seems blissful and content. This figure embossed upon the pages of Seventeen magazine is there for one reason: to compel readers to buy a Maybelline eye shadow. The image of the woman tells consumers that they too can be as perfect as this [airbrushed] model--if they buy this eye shadow. Her body language in itself tells readers how happy this eye shadow makes the owner; nonverbal communication such as this can have colossal results; often becoming more influential than the spoken word. This method of communication not only plays a huge role in advertising, but it governs much of our everyday lives as well.

I am a woman who speaks with her body, expressing both my subconscious and conscious thoughts through my gesture sand appearance.

Each of us is a story--a sequence of details waiting to come alive. There are many ways in which we express ourselves; often overlooked is our body language. This influential silent process of sending and receiving wordless messages can be conveyed through the means of facial expressions, gazes, postures, movements, and tone of voice, as well as grooming habits, body positioning, and choice of attire. Each of us gives and responds to literally thousands of nonverbal messages daily in our personal and professional lives. We react to wordless messages emotionally, often without knowing why--our teacher or crush's head-nod, the appearance of a peer, or drastic new hairstyle of a friend. We notice the minutia of nonverbal behavior because their details reveal both how we relate to one another, as well...