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A. Opening

1. Opening question: Did you know that in most situations, we know within seconds whether we actually like or dislike someone?

2. We make these decisions subconsciously.

3. Decisions are based primarily not on the words we speak but on our body language.

B. Body Language definition: Term for communication using body movements or gestures instead of, or in addition to, sounds, verbal language or other communication.


Non-verbal messages

1. It is a fact that each one of us gives and responds to thousands of non-verbal messages each day. 2. The way we look, the way we stand and our facial expressions speak about how we feel. 3. It is estimated that 95% of our communication with each other happens without words. 4. The study of non-verbal communication is known as the science of Kinesics

5. Kinesics: It is the study of how we communicate without words.

Emblems (a substitute for words and phrases)

Illustrators (accompany or reinforce verbal messages)

Affect Displays (show emotion)

Regulators (control the flow and pace of communication)

Adaptors (release physical or emotional tension)

6. The signals our body language gives out.


Facial expressions




B. Our body language - Signals

1. Controlling our body language is not easy.

2. Think how difficult it is to prevent yourself from blushing when you are embarrassed!

3. While it may be difficult for us to control our non-verbal signals, it is easy to learn to read the signals that others give off.

4. Non verbal signals can help us understand when we are attracted to someone and even tell us when someone is lying.

5. Giving out our own positive non-verbal signals can help us interact better with groups or individuals.

6. The signals we...