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Boeing has proven to be a successful company above all the rest. They have established solid mission statements, and mere flawless code of conduct. Boeing is revolutionizing the market of airlines and also in the internet realm. Boeing has enabled the business world with a positive role model to follow when dealing with employees.

In today's market of competition it is easy to find a company that emphasis's on the simple management functions of growth. But what sets few companies aside is the empowerment in which they give their employees, to interact with the overall operation of the company. Boeing's vision statement addresses the importance of diversity in the workplace by stating "We value the skills, strengths and perspectives of our diverse team. We will foster a participatory workplace that enables people to get involved in making decisions about their work that will advance our common business objectives." Boeing gives recognition to their employees by acknowledging its biggest strengths and competitive advantages are derived from its employees.

Ethics is defined in the Webster's Dictionary as a "set of moral principles or values". Boeing states in its ethic code of conduct "Boeing will conduct its business fairly, impartially and in an ethical and proper manner, in accordance with the company's values and Code of Conduct, and in full compliance with all laws and regulations. In the course of conducting company business, integrity must underlie all company relationships, including those with customers, suppliers, communities and among employees. The highest standards of ethical business conduct and compliance are required of Boeing employees in performance of their company responsibilities. Employees must not engage in conduct of activities that may raise questions as to the company's honesty, impartiality, or reputation or otherwise cause embarrassment to the company. Conduct that is prohibited under Boeing policy or...