Boeing Case Analysis including SWOT Analysis, Internal External Matrix, and much more.

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William Boeing founded the Boeing Company in 1916 in Puget Sound, Washington. William had modest goals as a young Yale engineering graduate, first making it big in the timber industry. When the Wright bothers showed the world the idea of flight, William was intrigued. He then decided that it was time that he should enter into the field of aviation.

Boeing and his friend Conrad Westervelt teamed up to create a more practical plane after witnessing the Wright brother's creation and further advances. Their first plane was a twin-float seaplane, aptly named the B & W, after their initials. Boeing's company had its big break when the United States joined World War II. His company became one of the main manufacturer's for the military's aircraft division. The Boeing Company continued to be a major military plane supplier and then went into the civilian aircraft division. Through these successes, Boeing grew into the company that it is today.

The Boeing Company is one of the world's largest aerospace firms. They are also the world's largest manufacturer of commercial jetliners and military aircraft. Boeing is divided into various business units which are: Commercial Airplanes, Military Aircraft and Missile Systems, Space and Communications, the Boeing Capital Corporation, Connexion by Boeing, Air Traffic Management, and Boeing Technology. Through these distinct business segments, Boeing operates in more than 70 countries and does business with over 140 countries. They operate approximately 14,000 aircraft, and nearly 75% of the world's fleet use Boeing jetliners. The primary aircraft that Boeing sells are the 717, 737, 747, 757, 767, and the 777. The newest aircraft, the 7E7, is expected to be in service by 2008 and it will be the next generation of commercial aircraft.

The industries that Boeing competes in are: aircraft, aircraft parts and equipment,