Boeing: Planning Success

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AbstractPlanning is the first of the four functions of management. Boeing Aviation has been planning and achieving goals since the founding in the early 1900s. There have been many presidents in charge of Boeing and not a single one of them have been a letdown. Throughout the years the sky has been controlled by planes, satellites, and missiles produced by the organization. At times the company also dove into the seas, and today the Boeing Capital Company alone is worth 6 billion dollars. For years Boeing has been in charge of the International Space Station and Space Shuttle, and all the success of today is due to plans of yesteryear. Boeing changes constantly, always bettering the organization - hopefully bettering the world.

BoeingAn old anecdote states "If you fail to plan, you plan to fail." Although most organizations today have big dreams, some do not instill plans to make those very dreams come true.

One organization that has big hopes and dreams, and plans to make those hopes and dreams come to life, is the Boeing Corporation. Boeing Corporation, named after founder William E. Boeing, is the world's leading aerospace company. William Boeing didn't grow up dreaming to lead the world in aviation, but he was hooked soon after his first flight. Though some people are not educated well about the organization, Boeing uses the planning function well in order to lead the world in aviation and be fully backed by the United States military.

Boeing TodayAccording to the official Boeing webpage, the organization is the world's largest manufacturer of commercial jetliners as well as military aircrafts. Not only does Boeing produce airplanes, but also other products such as rotorcraft, electronic, defense systems, missiles, and even satellites. While developing customers in 90 countries, Boeing operates the Space Shuttle and...