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The Bolivian People and their Society Bolivia is a fascinating country. Bolivia's beauty doesn't lie in its power or prestige, but in the country itself. Bolivia is one of the poorest South American countries.

The people resorted to living in poverty and what many of us would describe as unlivable conditions. The nation relies on their exports of minerals, metals, and textiles. Most men are in the mines from dawn to sunset. The women are making tapestries and other textile goods. All this hard work is done to barely ensure the survival of their family. With all this in mind the people of Bolivia are so spirited.

The Bolivians are a cultural people putting family tradition over everything. The family is the biggest thing there is. It may be the very core of their pride and good spirits.

This pride reflects in the beauty of their country. Lake Titicaca, the salt flats, lagunas, and breathtaking mountains and silver mines.

The villages are simple and peaceful. It brings more of a neighborly culture and friendliness among the people. This is something we really don't have in the US.

The Bolivians (being of Spanish decent) are a religious people with 95% of the populating being Roman Catholics. This is another strong aspect of their society. The Bolivians are a strong people who look past wealth and fame, appreciating only happiness and family. I believe the culture in Bolivia is almost an opposite of the culture here. America is not a poor country. We are not very religious people, and we focus a lot on wealth and material things. We should try to be more like the brave people of Bolivia and lead a more simple and happy life.