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Once seizing government power in 1917, the Bolsheviks had found themselves under attack by surrounding enemies. Controlling less than a quarter of Russia's land, the Bolshevik party was determined to defend its power against counter revolution. By 1924, they had defeated the White Army through a series of organized war strategies and prevailing character. The Bolshevik's Red Army had sustained their morale and determination through wide spread public support. Their advantage of government control had allowed them to overcome their opposition by using war campaigns and accessing vital areas for the war effort such as railways. Their opposition, the White Army proved to be a weak resistance to the government with their military inferiority and lack of organization. Since the beginning of the Russian Civil War, the Bolsheviks had held significant advantages over their enemies, naturally allowing them to overcome counter revolution.

In compliance with the Revolutionary theory, the consolidation of power can only survive with a certain degree of public support.

The Bolsheviks had used a variety of methods to achieve this. The first step the Bolsheviks had taken to ensure their power was left unchallenged was the eradication of all Bolshevik oppositions. The Constituent Assembly was closed down and all alternate political groups were banned. The government had placed strict censorship in the media with all anti-Bolshevik newspapers forbidden. The Cheka had also been established as a secret police force to destroy any opposing parties through mass executions and deportations. The fear of confronting the new government was so great that many were left submissive to the Bolshevik power and in doing so severely weakened their opposition. Another scheme used to boost public morale was the bombardment of propaganda during the civil war. Within three years, the Bolsheviks had released 3,600 propaganda posters. Source 1 is a...