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Bombardier Bombardier is a Canadian company which specializes in transportation and transportation components and equipment. Bombardier is listed on the TSE under the symbols BBD.A-T, BBD.B-T, and BBD.PR-T.

Bombardier manufactures many products that many of us use today. Many of those products that we use for transportation are made by Bombardier. Some of those products include bus and subway systems which are used by the TTC, located in Toronto. Bombardier has also built the entire subway system for Montreal, which is also referred to as "The Underground City"�. Bombardier also manufactures aviation vehicles such as planes for public and private.

Bombardier was founded in 1942 by J. Armand Bombardier. The company first manufactured snowmobiles. At that time, the company was named "˜L'Auto-Neige Bombardier Limitée'. Now the company is named "˜Bombardier Limited'.

Bombardier is now a multi-billion dollar company that is traded publicly in stock exchanges such as the T.

S. E. in Toronto, and is traded in Brussels and Frankfurt. Bombardier was first listed on the stock exchange in Montreal on January 23, 1969. The company is now known worldwide from Europe to across North America .

- Laurent Beaudoin is currently the Chairman of the Board and of the Executive Committee.

I am Interested in researching Bombardier for my major project because Bombardier is a large company which specializes in Engineering and transportation equipment. Engineering is a field in which I am very interested in, and since Bombardier is very involved with engineering and modeling I felt this company would be appropriate for my interests. I feel I am very capable of doing a thorough research on this company for my major project, and am willing to look into its past history, especially the different divisions it now has, such as Bombardier Transportation, Bombardier Aerospace, Bombardier Recreational...