The Bond between a Father and Son

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In this life of broken promises there is one special connection that holds true through out life. This is the bond between a father and his son. Truly, this bond could undoubtedly be one of the most unbreakable facets of life. A great example portraying this bond is written in a story by D. Lyons called "The First Snow". The story's main theme deals more with how the main character, Henry, has his rights mutilated by everyone in the town but there is also an underlining theme as well. The depiction of the bond between Henry and his son Robert rings loudly through out the story.

In his writing he imagines the bond between Harry and Robert before the hometown newspaper headlined the discovery of his father's secret meetings with some of the other men in the small town to explore homosexual acts as a typical father - son relationship.

He then enters Roberts psyche after realizing what his father was involved in. He writes about how Robert mental stages ranged from disbelief and confusion to hate and finally understanding. He also describes Roberts's confusion with his own sexuality and how he started to question his father's feelings for him.

As the story progresses, there is something hidden behind the entire trauma. Hidden in his description of Robert's feelings toward his father that reveals just how strong the bond between them really is. It is the way Robert stuck by his father even though he questioned his father's actions. Robert, maybe unknowingly, could not leave even though everyone else abandoned him like he had the plague.

Henry's wife abandoned him with the rest of the family, he was suspended from his job as a school teacher and even his sister acted differently when she visited. Lyons depicts verbally how Robert...