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our bones are very important. the skeletal system is responsible for creating cells that help keep us healthy (white blood). it protects our vital oorgans it supports our muscular system alowing us to move. in order for bones to maintain themselsves, they must constnatly break sown and rebuilds the collage and minerals that they are cells called osteoplast are acids that eat away the bone s mineral coating and collagen. you can think of them as bone destroyers cells called osteoblasts are cells that lay new collagen and coat the bone with fresh minerals. you can think of them as bone creators osteoplast break down the old collagen and mineras that make up healthy bones. then the osteoblasts follow and lay down fresh collagen and minerals. the process in never ending and as a result of this constant breakdown and replacement, human bones are never more that 20 years old althogh bones are very storng they do break sometimes.

there are seveal thing sthat happen when a bone is broken to the body. the injury is flooded with natural painkillers called endorphins, which temporarily blocks out pain. sending extra oxygen and utrients to the injury to begin the healing process a large hematoma, which is a collection of blodd, surrounds the break in the bone. stem cells , which are responsible for making new cells usually divide everyone to two days. now that there is an injury, they will divide every three minutes. within four weeks the hematoma will harden around the break, making the injury area extra strong over the next several months, osteoplasts will eat away the hardened hematoma nad the injury will be repaired within a year fo the injury the bone will be almost as strong as it was before the break. this is what happens when there is a breakage.