Boneseed: Australian Plant

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Boneseed was introduced to Australia as an ornamental garden plant from the mid-eighteenth century and first recorded to be found in the Sydney gardens. It is a type of weed that endangers other plants and is still found today in Australia. It was first introduced in 1852 and Melbourne in 1858 and were originally planted as a garden species and to stabilise sand dunes.

The You Yangs Regional park is the only national park in Victoria that is still infested with Boneseed. Boneseed reproduces by seeds that are spread into bushland by birds, rabbits, foxes, emus, livestock and other animals. Seeds are also spread through fresh or salt water, in soil or dumped garden waste. This has allowed Bonessed to still survive today in Australia, as well as boneseed being a rapidly fast spreading plant.

Boneseed is considered a major problem because it is a serious threat because of its environmental impacts and fast growing, ability to spread. It can spread from one garden to the other becoming a damaging environmental weed, as well as changing habitats and displacing food plants of native animals. There is a possibility of eradication for boneseed, but there has not been a cure yet to fully get rid of the weed. If the plant is destroyed once it starts seeding, there is a chance that the invasion of Boneseed can die down.

There are many costal workers that work daily to try and remove these plants from our environment. Poisoning the plant has been tried many times, but sometimes the plant has already spread before it is killed. Boneseed has had a major effect on the Australian native landscape as it has destroyed...