Boneventure's Journey of the mind to god. Explains his theory of how to acsend to the level of god. critisizing as it goes.

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The Journey of the Mind?

The process of ascending to God is one that I always thought to only come at death. The Journey of the Mind to God is Bonaventure's theory of how to understand and know God. St. Bonaventure breaks down what we (as humans) are very similar to how the bible portrays God. In fact, Bonaventure breaks down many things in life the way the bible does . Although Bonaventure does indeed doubt everything, I find it amazing how Bonaventure doubts reality and truths of life more than he doubts the existence of the unknown.

St. Bonaventure exercised an extraordinary amount of form in his logic to describe the seven steps to know God; however, his logic and reasoning were bias as he did not question the existence of God. He sees life as a reflection of God, so in order to understand God as a being, we must understand life as a representation of God.

Just as God is made of three parts ( the father, the son, and the spirit) so are people. People are composed of the mind, the body, and the spirit. The seven steps are aimed to perfect each part of a person in the eyes of God which in turn will lead the mind to God.

Bonaventure interprets the existence of God by seeking answers through the thoughtful break-down of questioning. The Threefold way of seeing things is devised through this tradition of philosophy. Everything can be broken down into three equal parts. Each part is interweaved with each other. A whole can not exist without a single part, and a single part can not exist with out the two accompanying parts. For example, a man can not exist without a mind, body, or spirit, if anyone of these attributes is...