Boo Radley in Harper lee's "To Kill a Mockingbird"

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Boo Radley is an unusual character of the novel "To Kill a Mockingbird." Boo has been seen as a scary character from the beginning of the novel. Lots of people had really bad thoughts about him. The rumors about Boo in Maycomb were unbelievable. Different stories were said about Boo and his parents. Kids used to hear and at the same time create different stories that would later scare them. Scout, Jem, and Dill were scared, but at the same time interested in meeting this singular character. Unbelievably many things happened between the kids and Boo Radley. One of these specific event changed boo's and the kids' life. Boo finally had a chance to show who he really was.

Scout, Jem, and Dill had an invented opinion about Boo Radley because they had never seen him. They only trusted what the adults had said. For the kids, Boo is almost like a ghost.

The kids say that Boo comes out at night and eats squirrels and cats. They got really scared when they heard the story about Boo stabbing his father on the leg. Even though they are scared of him they want to see him and see how he behaves. They even went to Mr. Radley's house with the intention of seeing him. The kids thought many bad things about Boo; they thought he was a maniac killer. Their opinion had to change later because of the upcoming events.

The adults' opinions about Boo were not so different from the kids' opinions. The adults think that Boo is a very dangerous man. They think they have to protect their children from him. They also invent rumors and cruel stories about Boo. The adults do not see Boo as a person; they almost see him as an animal. They say that Boo is chained in the basement of Mr. Radley. Adult don't trust Mr. Radley either, because they see him as a very mysterious men. Another rumor was that Boo was going to be taken to an asylum but he wasn't taken because of Mr. Radley, he didn't want to let him go. All this opinions changed after Boo saves Mr. Atticus' children.

Boo saved Mr. Atticus' children from Mr. Ewell, who had the intention of harming them. He hit Mr. Ewell because he was hitting Jem and later wanting to go for scout but Boo did not let him. Boo ended up killing Mr. Ewell in self-defense. The people in Maycomb then realized their mistake. They understood that Boo was a good person; he just didn't have an easy life. The judge and Atticus decided to do not denounce Boo for killing Mr. Ewell since it was in self-defense. They understood that if he got denounce he was going to be killed. Killing Boo would be like killing a mockingbird. Boo doesn't mean to hurt anybody, he just does what he feels is right.

It's weird to see how much the opinions of the adults and kids changed after some incidents in the story. The fear that the kids had about Boo became trust and friendship. Atticus and his family are now very thankful to him. They care and trust him. Adults realized that he was neither a bad person nor dangerous. This worked as a big lesson for the people in Maycomb. They learned about judgment, trust, and friendship. "You never know a men until you stand on his shoes and walk around with them"