the book "1984" - George Orwell - discusses differences between the world in the book and how it is now

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Future of the World

George Orwell's depiction of the world in 1984 was a bit far-fetched. Telescreens watching every move you make, the government completely controlling one's life, just does not seam realistic. There is evidence of things that Orwell said in his novel, just not as drastic. Now in 2001, we have surveillance cameras in stores, banks, and even at some stoplights. When one goes to the airport, they have to go through extensive safety precautions. The message the novel gave was that the government is life, and it should be run in a systematic order.

In the novel, Winston Smith is constantly plagued with being sure that he is not on a telescreen while performing thought crimes against Big Brother. "Thoughtcrime was not a thing that could be concealed forever . . . sooner or later they always got you." (1) By this quote, one can see that someone is always watching the telescreen, making sure that the human that they are watching is abiding all of the laws that the government has made for them.

In banks, for instance, there are security cameras everywhere, just in case a robbery occurs, so they can catch the robber in action. In stores, hidden cameras are being constantly watched to make sure the shoppers are paying for all of there goods. Even at stoplights now, there are cameras placed to catch someone running a red light. Many people feel that some of these precautions are unnecessary, but they do ensure our safety and that our nation remains one that is law abiding. The party, like our government, wants to make sure that the members are obeying the laws that they put upon them, no matter how ridiculous they may be.

A new law that was just passed states that if...