A book by book character analysis, main idea, and connection to history of Victor Hugo's Les Miserables.

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Les Misérables

Book 1: Fantine

Chapters 1-4


-Monsieur Myriel/Monseigneur Bienvenu: A widower become priest who is extremely generous and giving to the less fortunate.

-Mademoiselle Baptistine: The sister of Monsieur Myriel.

-Madame Magloire: The housekeeper of Monsieur Myriel who is very disturbed at finding that the silver is stolen.

-Jean Valjean: A recently discharged prison inmate who loved his family so much that he stole for them and was sent to jail for this. Valjean is viewed as a criminal by most people although he is actually a good person on the inside.

-Tholomyes, Listolier, Fameuil, and Blacheville: Four students who play a terrible joke on their girlfriends.

-Fantine, Zéphine, Dahlia, and Favourite: The girlfriends of the four students. Fantine is pregnant with Tholomyes child so when Tholomyes leaves she feels terribly depressed.

-Cosette: Daughter of Fantine

-Thénardier's- The people who agree to care for Cosette Fantine is away.

Main Ideas:

-Jean Valjean is released from prison, turned away by the innkeeper, and then talks to a woman who directs him to Monseigneur Bienvenu's house.

- Jean Valjean is allowed to spend the night at Monseigneur Bienvenu's house.

- Jean Valjean wakes up in the middle of the night, and steals the plates and silver.

-Monseigneur Bienvenu lies to the police and tells them that he gave Jean Valjean the silver. He then gives Jean Valjean the candlesticks as well.

-Four students play a nasty trick on their girlfriends, leaving them and returning home.

- Fantine has a child by Tholomyes so is very upset in secret about his leaving.

-Fantine hands over Cosette to the Thénardier's.

Connection: Victor Hugo criticizes the Catholic Church of France at this time. An example of this is when Monseigneur Bienvenu sees that the hospital next store to...