Book: the diary of anne frank author: frances goodrich

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I read the story the diary of Anne frank. When in a time hitter ruled and wanted a non-Jew world. So he begins putting Jews in concentration camps the frank's in fear for their lives went into hiding.

Since the Nazi laws restrict her father, his business partners, Mr. Koophuis and Mr. Kraler have taken over. She is surprised to hear him talk about going into hiding, and to hear that for a year they have been taking food, clothes, and furniture to other people. She asks when they will leave, and he says not to worry, and to make the most of her life while she can.

Nazi police, sent a call-up notice for her father and for Margot for their deportation to a concentration camp so they begin to pack, Anne packs:

Her diary, then hair curlers, handkerchiefs, schoolbooks, a comb, old letters. To Anne memories mean more to her than dresses the family wakes up early and puts on tons of clothes so they can transport them without an obvious with suitcases.

Anne sees people staring sympathetically at her and her family with their yellow stars. They will be hiding in a part of her father's office. There is a warehouse on the ground floor. At the top of a set of stairs is the main office, where Miep, Mr. Koophius, and the typist Elli work during the day. There is a showroom and a private office up a few steps, with a kitchen and bathroom. On the next floor, there is a doorway to their Secret Annexe. There is a small sitting room, a room for Anne and Margot, and a bathroom. On the next floor, there is a big light room with stove and a sink, which the Van Daans will use. Their...