How the book Fahrenheit 451 compares life in 1953 to today

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Fahrenheit 451 is a science fiction book that in some ways shows how we actually live. The author does a very good job in predicting what the future will be like, even thought he wrote the book in the 50's. The society he describes is, in many ways, like the one we are living in right now. We are always demanding more advanced technology and people like us are constantly worshipping the television. Lately, more and more people not only want more technology, they want them to be a lot quicker. People don't want to waste time anymore. We want things done quicker without as much effort. These days we are just too lazy to sit and wait for things to come. We want things to take less time so we can have more time for other things. Their society is exactly like ours. Besides having advanced technological machines, they also have faster cars which result in much larger speed limits, so people could get where they want a lot faster.

Clarisse and Montag make it obvious to the readers that they live in a fast-paced world when they first meet each other. Before Clarisse runs into her house, they notice how fast drivers go that they "don't know what grass is, or flowers because they never see them slowly, she said. If you showed a driver a green blur, Oh yes! he'd say, that's grass! A pink blur! That's a rose garden! White blurs are houses. Brown blurs are cows. My uncle drove slowly on a highway once. He drove forty miles an hour and they jailed him for two days". Their speed limit is so high that everything that they see seems like blurs.

Another reason their society reflects the one we live in is that the people...