This book is about a girl that plays diffrent charactors

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This book is about a girl that plays diffrent charactors in my play. She also perfoms in an Opera. First , she played as an Owl. Next, she took the rule of an Egiptian slave.

In the continuation of this story her mother could have been a star of stars making gorgeous music with the world fighting for tickets. She married her Dad and took time off from her career to have the boys.

It was a dry autumn,golden with mist and dust.The leaves on the tree in the square looked tired with summer, but hung on. Her sun tan stayed too, without peeling or going dirty. Trog changed jobs and went to live in Norwich,which Mum minded more than she wanted us to see. Marco occasionally appeard from cambrige looking incredibly spruce because he was seeing tv people about getting his Andes film show.

After a while the opera seemed to bring the winter nearer.

As usual we had a main rehearsal every monday,4:45 to 6:45 in theory but actually 505 to 7:15 at least. Never the less,Toby with lovely silence to be followed by lovely singing new song. Some of it Ahab is singing solo, some of ityou're joining him him,and some of it you're drowning him out with the Yahweh shout and the bad shout. You know those, so well kick off teaching you your part of ahad music.

On the other hand,There were some rehearsals for the music. There's aways been bits of th music still to learn at half term,and in any case the children forget half of what they did know as soon as they're expected to do anything except sit in their pews and sing.In the end they managed two performances of the opera, a week late there were two shots, while Chip and Angel were fighting for the gun, had slashed across mom's palm fron side to side. mostly trough that rubbery pad you have there and only chipping one tendon rather badly.Some of the people were witnesses but they don't know who they'll choose. One of the funny thing is that olmost every one that she talked to [ except Ms Banks] is terrible sympathetic to the bandits now, especially to Chip for stopping Angel shooting Mum.also varios policeman have said it sounds as if he was fhe one who actually shot Ferdy.