The book Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain is one of

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The book Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain is one of the great American classics. Mark Twain's use of dialects adds a more realistic effect to the book. Mark twain in the novel incorporates three reoccurring themes, which are the journey of Huck from child to man, the horrors of slavery and the……………………………………….

Huck in the first few chapters is described as an innocent boy who is only interested in the simple pleasures of life and is easily influenced by Tom Sawyer his best friend. After a chain reaction of events that started with the appearance of Huck's father, leads Huck to journey. Huck's immaturity and childish cruelness is shown through the awful tricks that he plays on Jim the slave. This where is journey to manhood starts, Huck's sees that his childish antics have deeply troubled Jim and vows to never repeat them ever again. Through his journey along the river Huck and Jim start to establish a very close bond disregarding the social and racial barriers placed by the prejudiced society around them.

Huck's maturity reaches a climax when the two crooks sell Jim to the Phelps family. He faces the decision of following the way he was brought up and not care about Jim because he was a slave or go and try to free him because he a kind human being who Huck has befriended. Huck chooses to save Jim even though he thinks he will definitely go to hell. At this point Huck abandons all the obligations that the prejudiced society has placed on him and follows his individual conscience to save Jim even though he know that he might lose is own freedom.

Mark twain also shows the horrors of slavery during the times of Huck Finn. Twain portrays this theme trough the actions towards one character, Jim. Early in the novel Tom and Huck show their immaturity and childish cruelty by playing tricks on Jim while he is sleeping. Huck also plays two very cruel tricks on Jim that leave Jim very concerned and then disappointed. Even thou Jim cares for Huck throughout the whole journey, Huck treats Jim like a peace of property until the very end. In the novel the epitimy of the cruelty and inhumane treatment towards slaves is tom. When Huck asks tom to help Jim escape, instead of choosing an easy plan he looks towards