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The way people do things and how well they do them all depends on how proud they are. It's good to have some pride because you need it so you believe in yourself and so you can do well at the things you do. But to have too much pride or no pride at all can make people very dull or self absorbed.

Johnny Tremain was a silversmith apprentice. Johnny was too proud. He was constantly giving orders and he wouldn't take advice from others because he thought he was too good and didn't need it.

Johnny Tremain lived at the Lapham house with mr. And mrs. Lapham, Madge, Dorcas, Cilla and Isannah Lapham and Dove and Dusty. Dove and Dusty both admired Johnny because of how well he worked but they hated him all the same. Especially Dove who was older than Johnny but was treated inferior by him.

Cilla and Isannah teased Johnny all the time because of his pride.

Johnny's pride helped him to do well on things because he was always positive that he wouldn't fail. His pride didn't benefit other people though it just made them feel bad about themselves.

The accident with Johnny's hand happened because of his pride. Johnny was making a sugar basin for John Hancock- the richest man in Boston. Dove was told to fetch a crucible for Johnny. Dove decided he would teach Johnny a lesson he reached to the back of the shelf for a cracked crucible and gave it to Johnny. The crucible broke causing Johnny's thumb to attach to his forefinger. Ultimately the accident was good for Johnny. Since he could not do silver anymore he had to go find new work. He made new friends too.

After the accident Johnny realized that now that he...