Book: Paradise Lost: The Fall of Satan BY: John Milton Essay Title: Satan, Good!?

Essay by wpolk04 May 2004

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There are many ways to depict Satan. Most people might think of evil and dark images. Although these are true, there are also positive views. John Milton's Paradise Lost depicts Satan as a Great and fearless leader. Now you will read about Satan's diplomatic abilities and his fearlessness.

Satan has real strong diplomatic tendencies. He made supernal angles become apostates. After Satan finished weltering in hell, he stood up and made a speech to convince the apostate angles to stay with him. After being sentenced to eternal perdition Satan said they should be free and still do bad deeds.

Satan is a fearless adversary. After being ill fatedly placed in hell, he stood up vaunting about what has just taken place. He proudly announced he would not repent for his sins and live unchanged for all eternity. Satan says heaven and hell is what you make of it by stating, "The mind is its own place, and in itself can make a heaven of hell, a hell of heaven."

Through this you know that Satan is a Great and fearless leader, with diplomatic abilities. You now see Satan in a good light, and now you can see where he comes from. If an understanding is not present, replace God with someone else and Satan with you. Would you not speak up for yourself if some else was placing restrictions on you? If you said no you need to rethink a bit. No one would just let that happen without an explanation or a fight.