The Book of Proverbs- Problems of logic and inconsistency verse-by-verse.

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i.7: As would befit any collection of 'wise' precepts to live by in the Bible, we start off by learning that true wisdom is found in believing in god. No doubt Nobel prize winners for science are devout worshippers.

i.28: No merciful or forgiving god found in this verse which contradicts Jesus's assertion.

iii.16: Reference to the use of palmistry. As the right hand is considered superior, it gets the greater of the benefits.

iii.18: If happy is every one that retaineth what is considered a tree of life, why did the gods see fit to expel man from Paradise for partaking of it?

v.19: How's this for a holy blessing: let her breasts satisfy thee at all times; and be thou ravished always with her love.

vi.7-8: The ant is described here as an industrious creature having no chief, overseer, or ruler provides her bread in the summer, and gathers her food in harvest, the divinely-inspired writer obviously not knowing that ants have a hierarchy, consisting of a queen, workers, soldiers and drones.

In fact, he would have been amazed to learn of slave ants, a species which actually use other ants as slaves.

viii.23: This is a deliberate mistranslation of what the author really wrote, which was I was effused from Oulam, from Ras"

ix.10: Believing in god and thinking you understand him is equated with intelligence.

xiii.24: This verse justifies child abuse.

xiii.25: According to the Bible, good people are those who have lots to eat and the wicked are those who go hungry. Why help those in famine-stricken Africa since they deserve their punishment?

xv.33: One cannot begin to study until he fears god.

xvi.33: This verse provides a justification for fortune-telling.

xviii.17: Just as is the case with the Bible, He...