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Mercy Carter lives in Deerfield, Massachusetts a English colonies. In is 1704, when the threat of an Indian attack is very actual. But the Deerfield towns man believed with the weather so bitterly cold not even Indians would brave the freezing temperatures. But the townspeople were wrong and didn't take into consideration that the French, with whom the English are at war, could and will aid the Indians.

During the night, with soldiers sleeping right in the houses with the Deerfield man, the Indians and French attack Deerfield, taking children away from their parents and loved ones, also taking some adults and randomly killing other's and their children. Forced to march over 300 miles to a Kahnawake Indian village in Canada, many could not survive the more than 40 days on the trail.

Mercy's emotions run high as she fights to survive and attempts to save some of the children.

Including her younger sister who dies along the way. Though out the hole time she tries to find out if her brothers are alive and where they have been taken. She dreams of the time that ransom will come. However, as time goes by she is adopted into the tribe as a daughter and finds that her adoptive Indian family is kind and caring. They teach lots of stuff like how to be happy, but most important, she learns about love and living as one with nature and the earth.

Mercy Carter struggles with questions like can she come to know her new identity, especially after she learns that her father is still alive? Will her ransom come in time to save her and allow her to remain an English child? When indeed the ransom does come Mercy can not find her self to...