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Date: July 19,1987 Location: Flaming Gorge, Utah Time: 10:00 Am Reported Cause: Some people say they saw three real living dinosaurs in a cave when they were on the way back from a walk! One man died and a boy got seriously hurt.

Interview #1: Joe Fried explained, "I swear they were real living raptors! They were huge with bright green eyes. When I saw them I froze, I could not believe my eyes! How could dinosaurs still be alive? The raptors got closer and closer. They mad no noise, then all the sudden they stared coming faster. I started to run. Mr. Norak was kind of slow because I think he had a hurt leg. I knew if I would stop and help him I would get attacked, so I kept running. I finally found my way out of the cave and there was no sight of Mr. Norak or Zack.

Mr. Boneid and I ran and called 911." Interview #2: Zack what actually happened? "Well when we walked into the cave I think some one said they herd a weird noise. It was very dark in the cave"¦I said we should turn back, but Mr. Boneid said it was a short cut back to the house. We started walking and Mr. Boneid and Mr.Norak started yelling raptor ruuun"¦! I did not know what was going on, and then it felt like I was stabbed in the arm. I swung wit my other arm and hit something. I ran as fast as I could. I made my way out of the cave and saw Spider grandma and Utah standing there. "¦. I don't remember any more, except me waking up in the hospital and them saying I was going to loose a lot of my memory! How could...