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Book Report in English IV

Gio Evan J. Galang IV- Diamond September 24, 2013 1

Name Yr & Section Date Bk. Report No.

Title: Have a Little Faith ( a true story )

Author: Mitch Albom ( Author of Tuesdays with Morrie )


( Who or what the book is about )

When I read the story Have a Little Faith, this book was all about the Two people are involved (not including Mitch Albom), Mr. Albert Lewis- or "The Reb" as he called who is a Pastor, and requests Mitch to do his Eulogy when the time he will leave this world, and Henry Covington, who is a criminal and drug addict, he lost his faith that's why he is doing such bad acts until the time that he need God's Help and became a Pastor after realizing his sins. Also a little story from Cass who is homeless.

Write 4-5 facts you already know about the topic.

1. The first time that our teacher gave us a project about making a book report, she said that its either the book of a Diary of a Young Girl or the book of Have a Little Faith that we need to make a book report and I chose the book of Have a Little Faith and the first thing that comes to my mind was I thought that this book was all about religion of a person or someone else.

2. I know that the topic of this book is about faith of a person to our God and how strong his or her faith in our God.

3. I already know also about on how the main characters in the story communicates to our God or what is the relationships of a certain person to our...