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English III Honors 3-26-01 Non-Fiction Book Review McCourt, Frank. Angela's Ashes. New York : Simon and Schuster Publishing Company, 1996.

Type of book : Autobiography Author's Qualifications : Frank McCourt is the most qualified author for this book possible. He lived through the events himself, and no other author or narrator could portray the message of this book as vividly as he did. Angela's Ashes is the story of his life.

Summary : McCourt begins the story by describing the circumstances and atmosphere in which he lived. He continues by telling how his brothers Malachy, and the twins Oliver and Eugene were born. His mother is described as a hardworking woman who is struggling to feed her family, and his father as a loving but irresponsible alcoholic the drinks away the money he should be giving to his family. Early in the book Frank tells how his mother has a baby girl, and she dies shortly after he birth.

After the death of the baby girl Margaret the family moves back to Ireland in hope of food, shelter, and work. Not long after their arrival Frank's two twin brothers die of starvation and illness, and his father continues to neglect the family. Franks mother is distraught, but determined to save her last two boys. Soon, she has another baby boy who is named Michael. The family is desperate for money, so as a last resort Frank's father goes to England to find work. Unfortunately he never sends any money home to his family. He soon returns for a short while, but is soon gone again to find work, but this time he never returns. By this time Frank has finished school and is old enough to find a job himself to help his family. Frank finds a job shoveling coal,