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The book I read was Animal Farm by George Orwell. It was about animals on a farm that were worked to much my human beings. The animals took over the farm afterwords in the middle of the book. But when they took over the farm the did not know they were still being worked to much by themselves.

Some of the main characters names were Napolean, Snowball, and some other animals. The farm was mostly run by pigs since they were the smart animals on the farm. The pigs had leadership to run the farm, but they were also running the farms the same as the humans ran it. The pigs were dictators as the author is pointing out.

The moral of the story is that if you have to much power, it will corupt you and the people around you. This book was based on communism happening at this time of the Cold War.

George Orwell tries to mimic what happens to a tyrant when there is too much power, but instead he uses animals on a farm revolting on it's farmer.

This book starts out with a wise pig telling the rest of the farm animals that he had a dream about a revolution of the animals against the farms owner Mr. Jones who is always mean to them.

One day Mr. Jones gets so drunk he forgets to feed the animals and when the animals try to get food he runs out and tries to stop them, the animals then chase Mr. Jones off the farm.

All the animals are happy. The pigs, being the smart ones, write the 7 commandments of animalism. The commandments are: Whatever goes upon two legs is an enemy Whatever goes upon four legs, or has wings, is a friend No...