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Ms. Zhang Jiqin

Literature reading

May 8th 2014

Human Race, the Inevitable Corruption

Animal Farm is a allegorical and dystopian novel written by Gorge Orwell in 1945. It is considered the most famous one among all his work. Before reading it, I thought it would be a fairy tale about animals, just like the novel, Charlotte's Web. However, through the first pages, I know I was wrong, it is a lot more profound than a fairy tale.

The story began with a dream of Old Major, the most respectable pig in the Manor Farm. He described his dream as the beginning of the animals' rebellion, he summoned the animals one night and taught them the rebellion song named the beast of England. A few days later, Old Major died, two young pigs, snowball and napoleon inherited the responsibility of holding the rebellions. One day, with the unbearable hunger, the animals drove the irresponsible farmer out of their land, and changed the Manor Farm to Animal Farm.

In the first few months, the animal farm goes very well under the control of snowball and Napoleon. The animals work in orderliness, and the pigs set them to the leader position, began to have privilege among others. when snowball recommend to build a windmill, Napoleon send his dogs to chase him and drive him away. From them on the animal farm began to change slowly. Napoleon first announced that it was himself who initially came up with the idea of building the windmill, snowball just despicably stole from him, so the animals still have to work for it as labors. Then the farm was run out of food, everybody was starving except for the group of pigs. Finally, Napoleon revealed his action as a dictator, he learned how to stand...